Red pepper

Single red pepper, the harvest of 2014 by andrew_maier, on Flickr

In a recent post showing a Small White butterfly, I mentioned that the insect was sitting on a red pepper plant. In fact this was the only red pepper we tried to grow in our garden. Feeding this plant with neglect gave us the harvest of a single pepper, which we essentially missed, while we were on holidays. So while the vegetable was slowly going from ripe, overripe to well beyond it’s best before date, I was able to make this picture which gives a nice set of changing colours from greens and oranges to strong reds and some black spots developing where the vegetable was becoming overripe.

An Edelweiss in the Lower Austrian Mountains

An edelweiss flower in the Rax mountain in Lower Austria

An edelweiss flower in the Rax mountain in Lower Austria

This picture was taken on the way back from a short hike on the Rax, a popular Viennese excursion spot about 1 hour by car from Vienna away. We soon noticed how popular the Rax is, because we made the slight misjudgement to go there on 15 August, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is a public holiday in Austria, and we not only fought our way to get a parking place, but also waited almost 2 hours to get a cable car to take us up the mountain.

Still all the waiting was rewarded by the spectacular views and finding several edelweiss close to the main trail.

In the garden

A Small White (Pieris rapae) on a red pepper plant


After returning from holidays, this little fellow found itself on the sole red pepper plant we had grown this year. Fortunately, he was very patient, keeping still giving me enough time to shoot from various angles and positions. The setting sun finally made me to have to give up, as it was impossible to continue shooting handheld.

The Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review

Although this the Nikon Df is not news any more, neither is this review on, but I absolutely love this review of the Nikon Df, I think this is really funny.

Starting from the intro where the presenter Lee Morris converts into a hipster,  switching to record the video in a  hip low-fi filter to make it more authentic this video is are really well made. The review itself and the response from the street are hilarious, with everybody agreeing, that a more “retro” like camera hast to be a better camera. Well worth spending 20 min.