The Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review

Although this the Nikon Df is not news any more, neither is this review on, but I absolutely love this review of the Nikon Df, I think this is really funny.

Starting from the intro where the presenter Lee Morris converts into a hipster,  switching to record the video in a  hip low-fi filter to make it more authentic this video is are really well made. The review itself and the response from the street are hilarious, with everybody agreeing, that a more “retro” like camera hast to be a better camera. Well worth spending 20 min.


The Lowepro Exchange Messenger Bag

The Lowepro Exchange Messenger bag is, as the name suggests, a messenger style shoulder bag for camera gear. It is relatively low-key and does not attract a lot of attention as it does not advertise itself as a bag containing expensive camera gear; something I generally like. Available in black and grey, it is a simple yet effective bag when moving around with a limited amount of gear, such as for street photography or when enjoying being a nimble photographer à la Derrick Story.

The bag consists of a main pocket which holds the majority of the gear. The green interior makes it easy to find small items lurking around inside. The main pocket is customisable with two dividers, which you can use to subdivide the pocket. I often do not use them or only use one to separate my camera from an additional lens. When not used I put the dividers in the bottom of the bag which creates extra padding. Being relatively thin, the Exchange Messenger is prone to taking shock, in particular when putting the bag down and the extra padding provided by the unused dividers helps giving a little extra protection.

Besides the main pocket, there are two thin pockets on the front and an additional one at the front with a zip for items needing more secure storage, such as keys or a wallet. The bag is soft and can be rolled up when empty and easily put into a suitcase when travelling. The allows to take a larger bag while getting to your destination and using the Exchange Messenger when at the final location using just the gear you need.

For me the main disadvantage is the fact that it does not have a separate pocket to place an iPad. S I often have to compromise on what I want to take along and I admit it now has often become more of an accessories bag than a camera bag. Still given the low price I can recommend this bag as a useful addition to your arsenal of camera bags.