Small Shuttle Boat on Lake Geneva

Small shuttle boat on Lake Geneva
© Andrew Maier. All rights reserved. Used with permission

These little shuttle boats, called “Mouettes”, cross at various points between the two banks of Lake Geneva. This creates a shortcut for those wanting to get from the “left bank” to the “right bank” of Geneva (and vice versa oaf course). These are small crafts holding about 15 to 20 passengers and the ride can become quite rocky when the weather is bad.

Taken close to sunset the light makes the yellow of the boat particularly saturated. The contrast against the blue water and the sky both enhance this vibrancy. This particular boat is just on its way to the famous landmark of Geneva, the large fountain, the Jet d’Eau.

A Cobblestone Road in the Toscana

Cobblestone Road
A street in Montalcino, Toscana, Italy.
© Andrew Maier. All rights reserved. Used with permission

This was taken on a holiday in Italy. I was impressed by the texture of stone brick houses and cobble stone street. A little corner of calmness in an otherwise very active an vibrant town.